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up, up & away!

by Ewa Wolańska

Hey! I’m Ewa

I love using imagination and creative exercises to help people grow. Here’s a list of my 60-minute express workshops and webinars that will help your team become more efficient, resilient and resourceful.

Mental Resilience

Mental Resilience









For mental muscles – start here:


Mental Resilience – Build a masterpiece you will be proud of

You must know who you are and what you stand for. Although this might sound cliché we start seeing the value of this simple truth when we study the psychological foundations of highly resilient people.

In this workshop participants are invited to look at their life values and listen to a real-life story of a business dilemma. Through learning about the golden shadow they identify their ambitions and connect mentally with the strongest aspects of their personalities. The results of the workshop are greater self-awareness, increased self-confidence and higher resistance to stress.

Duration: 60 min

Simple hacks for more time, space & energy

Life is a process of growth, a continuum of constant transformations. For new ideas, solutions & mental attitudes to flourish we must first identify what no longer serves us and let it go.

In this workshop participants identify their useless habits, unproductive behaviors and outdated perceptions. They are inspired to declutter their life on various levels (physical, emotional, mental). The results of the workshop are a refreshed attitude, more energy and an increased effectiveness in both private and business life.

Duration: 60 min

Work-life balance express workshop

Balancing the opposites is all about the right choices. If we approach the matter with diligence and a fresh perspective we might find out we do not need to be torn between one or the other.

In this workshop participants craft their definition of work-life balance and use the power of imagination to visit a mysterious city where people have it all. The results of the workshop are increased motivation and new ideas for creative solutions.

Duration: 60 min

Challenge ahead – find new approaches

To solve a problem or overcome some obstacles we often need to approach our challenge in a way we have never tried before. In this workshop participants step into new roles to get a fresh look and craft new ideas.

Imagination and visual prompts are the main tools used in this activity. The results of the workshop are an influx of new ideas as well as more energy and determination to take reasonable actions.

Duration: 60 min


Hungry for more?

Cool! I also do well-being 🙂

Simple hacks for a healthy life #1

New ways of thinking and mental tricks will help you bid farewell to diets once and for all. Make healthy living become your second nature and start treating your body like you’d treat a friend and ally.

In this workshop participants learn to listen to their bodies. Through a series of tasks and mental groundwork they develop better health management & nutritional skills. The results of the workshop are increased motivation and easier implementation of new habits.

Simple hacks for a healthy life #2

Our imagination is a powerful tool. When used in the right way it can help us overcome obstacles and build new habits. Curb your sugar cravings as you are walked through a path of self-awareness, a vision of the future and new nutritional ideas.

In this hypnosis-inspired workshop participants sit and relax as they follow the voice of the host. Through a series of imagination exercises they strengthen their inner will and desire to change. The results of the workshop are a visible decrease in sugar cravings, better body awareness and a higher determination to succeed.

Why me?

  • My workshops are short, effective & to the point
  • One step at at time is a good idea
  • I feel at ease in international and diverse communities
  • A graduate of SWPS, SGH with background in business
  • A solution-focused therapist
  • Fluent in English & Polish
  • Experienced in work with people of different cultures
  • If you’re into numbers: >3 yrs as coach/therapist, >50 workshops, >15 yrs in business

Juicy details:

You are: an innovative, future-oriented company

Price per workshop is: 500 PLN + VAT

We meet: on Zoom, wherever you are

Copyright by: Ewa Wolańska “Szkolenia Językowe”

Questions, Special Requests? Write to me: or use WhatsApp

„I attended Ewa’s workshops and they were very professional and highly motivational. She skillfully combines coaching and psychology elements, showing how much depends on us, on our approach and attitude. There were plenty of important insights and practical cases. Also a great atmosphere :).”


“Ewa’s workshops make you think about stuff that you never thought of thinking.”


“Sessions with Ewa make you grow, experience new things, they bring freedom. I’m grateful for this experience.”


“Thank you! That was brillian! I benefited a lot. Lots of new insights. I hope I can attend some other workshops too.”


“Ewa is professional, dynamic, creative and full of great ideas!”

Joseph A.

Let’s do it!

Tap into creative techniques to refresh your outlook, build up confidence & craft new ideas.