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FAQ – Therapy and Coaching

Welcome to the world of Inner Work

by Ewa Wolańska


Q: I need some advice. Will you help me?

A: Therapy is not about giving advice or telling people what they should do. We know from experience that this does not work. A therapist’s job is to help the client find his strength and create new solutions so he can tackle his challenges and move on with life (this can happen through e.g. a shift of behavior or attitude). As people start noticing their assets and possibilities it brings them hope and new energy. The therapist might of course share some psychology insights, scientific facts or certain tips that can be beneficial to the client however that is the exception rather than a general rule.

Q: There are many therapy schools. Which one is the best?

A: Good question! Yes, that’s true, there are many therapy schools. One of the most popular is still CBT (cognitive-behavioral), whereas SFBT (solution focused brief therapy, a method that resembles coaching) is a rising star in the modern approaches. Methods as mindfulness, EFT, ACT, which can be a supportive or a stand-alone treatment, are also becoming more and more popular. Additionally, we observe a steadily growing interest into approaches that invite a wider view into the spectrum of human consciousness (Jungian analysis and dreamwork, psychosynthesis, hypnotherapy and imagination work). In my opinion a holistic approach that incorporates the best of various schools is the most effective (which in my case is primarily SFBT with elements of CBT, hypnotherapy and dreamwork).

Q: What kind of issues can you help with?   

A: Rather than working with an ‘issue’ I concentrate on working with the client. Having said that I would say that the tools I use are good for a variety of cases, among others for helping people deal with depression, anxiety and fears, to build resilience and confidence, improve overall well-being, as well as to solve personal issues. If you are unsure whether it makes sense for us to meet just drop me a line and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.


Q: What is coaching?

A: It’s a technique of working with a client that helps him overcome obstacles and achieve his goals. Coaching helps people find ways to do what they need to do in order to become who they want to be 😊. Most people decide to employ a coach because they want to grow in some area of life (leadership competences, management skills), improve their results, make a decision and analyze possible options (investments, career choices).

Q: How do I know if I need therapy or coaching?

A: Concentrate foremost on what you would like to achieve. It might seem that a topic like ‘being successful in business’ or ‘finding a new job or partner’ is purely a coaching issue, however I did find through my experience that sometimes a deeper level of work is needed to truly make a change. For example at a coaching session you might come up with plenty great ideas how to approach your job search or looking for a partner. However if you have issues with confidence, esteem or are unaware of your own unhealthy behavioral patterns such a session, although highly beneficial, will still not provide a major shift. That is why I like the term ‘inner work’ which combines in itself various tools stemming from the worlds of both therapy and coaching.

Questions? Write to me.