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Heal & Grow

through Inner Work

by Ewa Wolańska

Hey! I’m Ewa

I help people see things in a new light, so they can move on, find a way of a difficult situation and achieve a peace of mind.

Throughout my life I have experienced many times the power of the techniques I use now in my work – the widening of horizons through the Jungian approach, the logical conclusions from cognitive and solution focused therapies, as well as the kick you get from a good coaching exercise.

If you’d like to explore your inner world to find hidden strength or assets previously unseen to you, you are in the right place. ♥

What I do

I help with issues as: mental/emotional health (depression, anxiety, emotional eating etc.), dilemmas & difficult choices (work, relationships), building psychological resilience, making a career change.

Let’s talk (Therapy & Coaching)

Let’s talk (Therapy & Coaching)

He who looks inside awakens.





Feeling is healing.





He who seeks solutions finds them.


Our imagination is a powerful tool. It can raise our blood pressure and create unnecessary worries, yet, just as well, it can be used to create the opposite – peace of mind and mental states that lead to long term profound changes. Hypnotherapy takes advantage of this phenomenon as well as of our ability to concentrate and detach from the outside world.

Have you ever driven somewhere only to realise you don’t remember much from your trip (highway hypnosis)? Or maybe you were so immersed in a book or a film that you forgot about everything around you? That is a kind of trance. In hypnotherapy we enter a similar state of focused attention and use it to create change.

Contrary to popular beliefs (thank you Hollywood ;)), it is not possible to hypnotize someone against their will or inject some ideas into the mind which go against one’s ethics or life goals.

Hypnosis is a safe process where you are completely in control and can choose to break the session anytime you wish. Its effectiveness has been confirmed by a large number of studies.


Therapy & Coaching

Empathic dialogue, the right questions and home assignments are known to bring profound changes, inspire new insights and effective behaviours. They can help us see ourselves in a new light, find innovative solutions and cope better with the current reality.

Whether we work with therapy or coaching techniques, what we usually discover is that as we change, people start reacting to us differently. We might realize that our previous ways of looking at things were wrong, that there are other more effective approaches or that now we have gathered the courage to try something completely new.

Thanks to good therapy the heavy emotional burden of the past melts into history. In the long term weakness leads to strength, crisis to new solutions, and a painful scar from the past turns into a beautiful tattoo that naturally attracts admiration and inspires others.


More about me

I have unique experience that spans across areas like therapy, self-development and business. Having worked for many years on managerial positions I re-qualified in mid-life to fulfill my heart’s desire and share my experience as a therapist, coach & counsellor.

Ever since then I have worked extensively both with the Polish as well as international community, conducting workshops as well as 1:1 sessions. Contact me if you’d like to activate your inner wisdom, make better decisions or find the energy you need to truly heal & grow.

Fun fact. My golden shadow is Elon Musk. Who’s yours?

Training (highlights): Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) – Centrum Terapii Skoncentrowanej na Rozwiązaniach; Career Coaching & Counselling (postgraduate) – SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities;  Social Psychology (postgraduate) – SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities; Hypnotherapy – advanced level (Praktyk Hipnozy, Master Hipnozy i Hipnoterapii) – Polski Instytut Hipnozy; Solution-Focused Brief Therapy for the LGB community – Centrum Terapii Skoncentrowanej na Rozwiązaniach (LGBT friendly); CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) for anxiety and social phobia; CBT in sexuality – Centrum Terapii Poznawczo-Behawioralnej; Journal Therapy Diploma; Coaching Essentials™ – Coachwise; I’m a member of Polski Instytut Hipnozy

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Nuggets of wisdom

Some sample livestreams from my Facebook group.

Therapy is not giving advice

Love as a projection (excerpt)



I work via zoom. You need to have a camera and stable Internet access.

220 PLN / 42 EUR – Therapy / Coaching (55min)

400 PLN – Hypnotherapy  (Imagination Work)*

To book a meeting or arrange a 15-minute clarity call, use the WhatsApp icon in the right-hand corner or send me an e-mail.

*For more info on hypnotherapy see FAQ

In-person / Warsaw

Please write for details.

Sessions take place in the Ursus district. 

“A fresh perspective is what I got. Ewa listenes carefully, is attentive and fully “in it” when with a client. There is also a certain feeling of calmness and heading in the right direction. She’s highly recommended as a coach or therapist.”


„I attended Ewa’s workshops and they were very professional and highly motivational. She skillfully combines coaching and psychology elements, showing how much depends on us, on our approach and attitude. There were plenty of important insights and practical cases. Also a great atmosphere :).”


„I had a very high sugar cravings reduction just after one hypnotherapy session! I was amazed. Ewa’s voice is calming yet decisive. She also knows what questions to ask at the beginning of the session.”


“She’ll shoot off with a question that hits the nail on the head.”


“Ewa is professional, dynamic, creative and full of great ideas!”

Joseph A.

“Sessions with Ewa make you grow, experience new things, they bring freedom. I’m grateful for this experience.”


“Ewa’s workshops make you think about stuff that you never thought of thinking.”


Let’s do it!

Tap into the techniques of world’s best therapists and coaches to solve dilemmas, heal within and  build resilince.